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DEA and ADHD Medication Shortage

DEA ADHD Medication ShortageThe ADHD Medication shortage which is going on right now in the US is impacting people with ADHD across the United States. Medicines like Adderall, Ritalin and others are in such short supply that people often can’t get their prescriptions filled. This is having serious consequences for many people, i.e. kids and teens who need their medication to function well in school, socially, to not get into risky situations, etc.; and also adults with ADD/ADHD who need their medication to function well in their work and life in general.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) controls the amount of raw material to create stimulants, and it gives the pharmaceutical companies a certain allotment of medication to allow them to make stimulant medicines for ADHD (like Adderall and Ritalin). The DEA controls the amount that it gives, because it wants to limit the amount of medicine which can abused or misused. However, patients and doctors alike are concerned that the DEA has exerted too much control and is creating this shortage of medication, because they are not allowing enough stimulants to be created to create enough medicine.

Here’s a news report which can give you some more insight:

DEA under fire for ADHD drug shortage: wivb.com

(image source: Wikipedia)

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Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Canadian Psychiatrist, expert in ADD/ADHD, and the author of Attention Difference Disorder.

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