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ADHD Medication Shortage: Texas

ADHD Medication Shortage TexasA recent TV news report from Corpus Christi, Texas, discusses the issue of the medication shortage.

In this news video, a teen with ADHD discusses how helpful the medication is for him. While his medication is still available, his mother is still worried about what would happen to him if she couldn’t get his ADHD medication because of the shortage.

This news report goes on to explain that the main medicines which are in short supply are: Ritalin and Adderall.

A pharmacist who is interviewed explains that the ADHD medications can be misused, and that is why there are controls on the medication. The reporter finishes by saying that the Obama administration will be looking into this medication shortage.

About Dr. Kenny Handelman

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Canadian Psychiatrist, expert in ADD/ADHD, and the author of Attention Difference Disorder.

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