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ADHD Medication Shortage: Philadelphia

ADHD Medication Shortage PennsylvaniaThe ADHD medication shortage continues in the US, and there is apparently no end in sight…

An article on February 5, 2012 in the Philadelphia Daily News reports on the struggles of Trish Luberda, a mother who is having a lot of trouble finding the right medication for her two daughters with ADHD, aged 11 and 17.

She is often driving long distances to get medication, and she is often borrowing medicine from one daughter to try to tide over her other daughter.

The DEA and the pharmaceutical companies continue to blame one another for this ongoing issue.

CHADD, a national organization for ADHD, is working to support patient’s right and to find a permanent solution for this issue, which is expected to continue for some time.

In the mean time, people like Trish are struggling to find the needed medication for themselves or their children.

At this point, there are more questions than answers, and people with ADHD are struggling…

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About Dr. Kenny Handelman

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Canadian Psychiatrist, expert in ADD/ADHD, and the author of Attention Difference Disorder.


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