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Adderall Shortage: Los Angeles, California

KTLAADHD Medication Shortage California Los Angeles reports on the ongoing ADHD medication shortage. They report that Southern California pharmacies can’t keep the ADHD medication Adderall on the shelf. They note that this has a big impact on adults and kids with ADHD who cannot fill their prescriptions.

While KTLA discusses the fact that there are problems with the DEA and Pharma companies regarding the manufacturing and creation of these medicines, they also report on the fact that many people without ADHD take these medications to help to boost their functioning.

While there is a concern about ADHD medications being abused, misused or diverted, it is important to realize that this shortage of medication is impacting people who legitimately need their ADHD medication (like Adderall, or others, like Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin, etc.). If there is a concern for misuse of the medications, then efforts and strategies need to be created to stop this problem.

You can read the original KTLA report here.

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