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Vyvanse vs. Concerta

Many doctors have their opinions about which medication works better between Vyvanse and Concerta. And many ADHD patients and parents have their own thoughts and experiences as well. However, there haven’t been well designed studies to directly compare the medications, until now, that is. It was just announced that Shire will be running two different […]

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DEA ADHD Medication Shortage

DEA and ADHD Medication Shortage

The ADHD Medication shortage which is going on right now in the US is impacting people with ADHD across the United States. Medicines like Adderall, Ritalin and others are in such short supply that people often can’t get their prescriptions filled. This is having serious consequences for many people, i.e. kids and teens who need […]

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Venvanse in Europe

Venvanse Accepted For European Review

Shire’s once daily ADHD medication Venvanse (know as Vyvanse in the USA and Canada) has been accepted for review by UK regulator, the MHRA. This is the first step for this medication to gain entry into Europe. In fact, this would be the first amphetamine based ADHD medication in Europe. While most European countries have […]

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ADHD Medication Shortage California

Adderall Shortage: Los Angeles, California

KTLA Los Angeles reports on the ongoing ADHD medication shortage. They report that Southern California pharmacies can’t keep the ADHD medication Adderall on the shelf. They note that this has a big impact on adults and kids with ADHD who cannot fill their prescriptions. While KTLA discusses the fact that there are problems with the […]

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ADHD Medication Pharma Income

Shire 2011 Earnings

It’s reported on Marketwatch that Shire, the company which makes the following ADHD medications: Vyvanse, Intuniv, Adderall and Adderall XR has earned over $4 Billion dollars in 2011. They had higher than expected sales of Vyvanse and Intuniv. You can read the full article here.

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ADHD Medication Shortage Texas

ADHD Medication Shortage: Texas

A recent TV news report from Corpus Christi, Texas, discusses the issue of the medication shortage. In this news video, a teen with ADHD discusses how helpful the medication is for him. While his medication is still available, his mother is still worried about what would happen to him if she couldn’t get his ADHD […]

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ADHD Medication Shortage Pennsylvania

ADHD Medication Shortage: Philadelphia

The ADHD medication shortage continues in the US, and there is apparently no end in sight… An article on February 5, 2012 in the Philadelphia Daily News reports on the struggles of Trish Luberda, a mother who is having a lot of trouble finding the right medication for her two daughters with ADHD, aged 11 […]

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A woman with Adult ADHD

Vyvanse For Adults With ADHD

Vyvanse is a long acting stimulant medication for ADHD. It has been approved by the FDA for use in children, adolescents and adults. On February 7, 2012, it was announced that the FDA has approved Vyvanse for “Maintenance Treatment” in adults with ADHD. What does this mean? When an individual starts taking medication for ADHD, […]

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